What’s different about Fresh?

Fresh Commercial Cleaning was set up in 2008 – conceived from a desire to strip away the complexity of the cleaning industry and get back to simple, honest cleaning.

We approach things differently (you won’t ever get a 30 page quote from us!) because we believe you’ve got better things to do than read that kind of stuff. We also know that it isn’t what gets your premises clean or keeps you a happy customer.

We will simply

  • Guarantee you a better service for the same or lower price (yes, really!)
  • Guarantee a consistent, high quality clean every time
  • Be available and sort it out quickly if there is a problem
  • Be flexible if your organisational needs change

The Fresh team

  • Our staff are recruited for their fit with the Fresh philosophy.
  • All our staff have commercial cleaning experience and have undergone Police checks.

The Fresh philosophy

  • It’s not rocket science – do a great job of cleaning and keep the customer and staff happy.
  • Any job can be fun if you choose to make it that way. Our staff are recruited for their fit with the Fresh philosophy.
  • Cleaning should be seen and not heard. You shouldn’t have to think about cleaning – that’s our job!

Getting started

  • We’ll do everything we can to make a Fresh start easy for you. We will:
  • Inspect your premises with you, to see if you need more cleaning, different cleaning or just better cleaning.
  • Discuss how we can deliver the most effective cleaning for your budget.
  • Keep our paperwork simple, from our speedy quotes to billing.

If you’re ready to kick your cleaning hassles to the kerb, contact us today!.