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3M [PDF, 91kB]

Bivouac [PDF, 188 kB]

Enphase Energy [PDF, 243 kB]

Geoscience Consulting [PDF, 57 kB]

Harrison Grierson [PDF, 1,280 kB]

PF Olsen [PDF, 141 kB]

Peter Diver Plumbing [PDF, 359 kB]

Resolve Digital [PDF, 144 kB]

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cityfitness Northwood
7 day cleaning of the busy cityfitness Northwood & cityfitness Moorhouse Ave gyms.

Colliers Property Management (formerly Livingstones)
Range of contracts, this reference refers to the daily cleaning of the New Brighton Village Health Centre

Elldex Packaging
Weekday cleaning of the Elldex Packaging factory offices.

Harcourts Ferrymead
Weekly cleaning of the Harcourts Grenadier Ferrymead offices.

Les Mills Ferrymead
7 day cleaning of the busy Les Mills Ferrymead gym.

ProMetal Industries
Weekly clean of the ProMetal Industries’ offices, staff cafeteria and factory toilet facilities.