Floor Polishing

Timber, vinyl or tiled floors looking tired?  Our floor polishing service will renew the shine!

We have the equipment, experience and expertise to bring even the dirtiest looking floor back to life.  We can strip away old polish or just scrub away the dirt depending on what’s needed.  If it’s appropriate we’ll apply the right kind of polish to suit the specific type of flooring you have.

We’ll discuss the nature of your floor and the traffic you get across it and make recommendations for ongoing floor care.  We can come back regularly to wash and buff your floors if that’s what you need to keep them looking great.

Since the floor will be out of action for awhile we’ll arrange the work for a time that suits you.  If it helps make things easier for you, we’re happy to handle alarms and lockup of your premises when we’re done.

Sometimes we’ll even save you money but NOT recommending floor polishing if we think there is a better option for your business.

We’re good like that!

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