Window Cleaning

Getting hard to see out of your windows?  Give us a call and our window cleaning team will let the light back in!

We cover all the options. We can help with:

  • Cleaning just the outsides or both inside and out.
  • Extra cleaning of window frames if they’re particularly dirty or mouldy.
  • Wash down the outside of your building while we’re there.
  • High rise window cleaning

We wash each window by hand with a microfibre brush and special soap to remove the stains.  The soap is then bladed off to give a clean, streak free finish.  We complete the job by wiping down the frames and sills.

If we can’t reach your windows from the ground or using ladders we have extendable poles which allow us to do the job safely from the ground.  The poles force water through a soft bristled brush head which allows us to scrub your upper level windows quickly and effectively.

If your job needs specialised access equipment we can arrange that too.  Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll give you a quote for a window cleaning plan which can be safely executed.